Why I Really Don’t Like Going To Dog Parks

by admin on June 1, 2012

 I have never ever been a fan of big dog parks.  Why you ask? Oh thank goodness you asked me.  Here is my $500.00 savings advise for you on how much I don’t dig going to dog parks.

Q.  How many times have you noticed other dog owners not paying attention to their own dogs?

A.  I’ve noticed that dogs run wild.  And some owners, not all are off talking to friends.

Q.  How many stories have you told your friends about the dog fights you witness or have even been involved in?

A.  Since dog parks are a free for all.  I bet you’ve come home with at least 1 horror story.  I even bet your friends have told you about their horror stories. Ouch because this can equal potential vet bills, insurance to submit, your credit card maxed out. And just the frustration and frightening experience of a fight that injured more than 1 dog or person, is daunting.

Q.  How many times do you see dog owners not picking up after their dog?

A. LOTS. This shocks me at how blind  owners becomes when he/she can’t see their dog pooping.  It usually takes a group of folks to say, “Hey your dog just pooped, you need to clean it up!”.

Q.  Dogs pee at parks.  It’s what they do. Do you want you dog walking around and rolling around in pee?

A.  No!

Q.  How many times has a bigger dog or even a smaller dog come up to your dog, perhaps a bit aggressively, off leash?

A.  Oh this has happened to me when I used to go to the park.  I’m not in the mood to break up fights. Not only is it dangerous for me.  There is a wild pack mentally that spreads to the other dogs around.  I call it “The Lord of the Flies Syndrome”.  Dogs find the weakest link in the chain and they are fair game.

Q.  How many times are you just playing with your dog, tossing you ball and another dogs says,”Hey now, that ball belongs to me!”

A.  Probably a lot.  Dogs see other dogs running and playing.  1 follows the other.  This can be a recipe for disaster.

Q.  Guess what, your dog can get fleas at the dog park, did you know that?

A.  Flea protection helps, but fleas have to bite a dog first, in order to die. Also, check in to typhus break outs in your area. They are carried by fleas and there was a recent 2012 article in the Examiner for an outbreak in Santa Ana, CA.

Q. Who do you think cleans the park?

A. Some of the times, the cities do take charge of this. And some times just the sprinkler system takes charge of this job. Not ever city has the funds to pay for regular park maintenance.   I’m not keen on having my dogs play in urine soaked grass.

Q.  How many times does a stranger thinks ok to just give your dog a treat?

A.  This chaps my hide. They don’t know if you dog has allergies, or their treat is on a recall list, or your dog is on a diet.

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Shelly PoochParkWear June 5, 2012 at 4:19 am


I see your points, respect them totally, but unfortunately there are people that live in apartments with no yards and therefore parks are the only place for us to take our dogs.

I am blessed as the park I go to is a community as such, some have been going there for 20 years plus, we are all on poop patrol and will tell someone if they do not clean up, we all try to keep the place clean wherever possible, we watch our dogs carefully including the toy thieves, you see them you pick up the toy for those moments LOL, and in the year that I have been going to it I have maybe seen one really bad fight and the owner was to blame.

Regarding treats, everyone knows in our park to ask first before dishing out treats and they really respect when an owner says no treats, actually a lot of us have stopped taking, and some take kibbels instead of them.

So that is mine and Laylas input, yes it would be ideal for us to have our own yard but then when would she socialize, see the outside world and be able to really run free, and therefore for us our dog park is a haven, a wonderful place where I know my lil Madam is safe.

Cannot wait to hear what others have to say, and always love your blog


admin June 5, 2012 at 3:30 pm

I love your input. Actually, I thought of you and Layla as I wrote this article. You have discovered the best place to go; small and initimate parks, where every single person knows one another. And most folks know each dog! I have not had that experience here. Most of our dog parks are very big. They do offer small areas for little (or smaller) dogs, but unfortunately, owners of much larger dogs place their dogs there to play. That is rarely a pretty sight.
I’ve been a firm believer that it’s the owner responsiblity to watch over their dogs, like you do. It’s been frustrating for me to see, that at times, that doesn’t happen. Bravo to you for finding a spot that works for you both. That social interaction for Madame is brilliant. You will have to beam that park to my area.
There is only 1 park here, that I’ve found that’s as small as yours, which I like. And that park has all dogs on leash. It’s clean, which I love. But it’s only 1.
I love that you and Layla comment here. I look forward, always to hear your honest thoughts, which I always get. Sending you BIG HUGS.


Shelly PoochParkWear June 6, 2012 at 2:08 am

Thanks and yes we are blessed, for her especially it has been the best thing that happened, no park is perfect, but I always blame the humans and not the dogs cos they are responsible for their dogs like they should be responsible for their human children

Sending you big hugs with love from both of us

PS I love your blog cos it gets me thinking ha ha ha


admin June 6, 2012 at 3:55 pm

You and Madame are so lucky with your intimate and small park. And I couldn’t agree with you more! It is the owner’s responsiblity to watch their dogs. So many folks just let their dogs’ go without much attention paid to their interaction with other dogs.
I just love your continued support, Shelly.


Kadir October 1, 2012 at 3:33 am

I’ve fed my dog Kirkland wet food. My vet said it is okay, however fdineeg a different dry food such as Eukanuba or Iams. I feed the wet food mixed with dry as a supplement. There has been no negative effects, just making sure my dog doesn’t gain too much wait. Try it, your dog will like it.


admin October 13, 2012 at 1:27 pm

Kadir, thank you for you thoughts. You’re doing the best for your dog and keeping your vet in the loop is wonderful. Kudos!


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