What’s In A Word? Sit, Stay, Walk, Mama….

by admin on December 12, 2011


I love going to facebook and checking the pulse of my friends. No where else in my universe, can I ask a question and find so many answers and opinions. Amazing, when you think about that.  But alas, this blog is not a plug for facebook. But thank you facebook for my friends! The question I through out was: “Do you really think your dog understands what you say to them?”

I didn’t want to go to my Dog Psychology books, or ask my trainer this question. Why? Because I believe my dog(s) and your dog(s) really understand WORDS. Words are simple, powerful, important, loving.  WORDS, outline a playbook for our dogs. This is my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

The answers to my question were numerous.

You said, and I believe you, that your dog understands your WORDS. Not only in English mind you.  In French, Spanish, Hebrew and many more languages.

Do I believe that our dogs understands our words?  YOU BET I DO.  You gave me so much information.

I felt that each of you won an Oscar, as you told me each word and phrase they understand: Treat, Walk, Mama, Outside, Pee-Pee. Yes Pee-Pee. Car, Ride and a more.  They understand your children’s names, your grandmother’s names, your names. Can they really be this smart?  Man’s best friend.  Let me re-phrase, Woman’s best friend too.  Why yes, in deed.

I can tell you that repetition helps to solidify this training, but that’s boring.  I can tell you that your trainer uses treats to reinforce this behavior.  But you knew that already. Here’s what I learned from all of you.

Our Dogs, capture our emotions, our WORDS.  They hear, “Let’s go for a ride”, “Go outside”, “Sit”, “Treat”, “I love you”,  ” You’re naughty”.  Those WORDS, stick like glue. Are your dogs Einsteins? I think they are! I believe that they understand certain WORDS, that we use, over and over. Why is this? How do they do this? I see you raising your hand in the back there. You have the answer to the question?  What’s your answer?

Oh, I can hear your answer, you don’t have to shout.  You love your dog so much, you speak to them daily. At times, they are the only ones you speak to with meaning, determination and love.

We all speak to our dogs. Theyre  family to us. They’re not your backyard dogs. No, never. You spend time to say the WORDS, from you heart.

So, in a WORD, they do understand you. They do get the WORDS.  The WORDS  are important to them. WORDS are their key.

This is a simple blog, with a powerful message. I’ll leave you with that message, before I take my friend out for a WALK.

You’re right. All of you were Correct. They do understand our WORDS.

Thank you all for helping me write my blog post. Please sign up for my blog, it’s so easy. Find my picture, and follow the WORDS.

You can follow my antics on facebook: Alanna and Alanna aka The Dog Buddha.

Hugs and Licks! And Thank you all. Your WORDS, wrote this blog post.

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Linda Scott December 12, 2011 at 4:45 pm

I too believe dog understand my words … they know when I am happy or sad . sick . or they do not feel good … I have 2 pugs … thank you for your words


admin December 12, 2011 at 5:08 pm

Linda, thank you for reading this blog post. I really believe this too. I have a pug and have doggy daycare and I see how important my words can be. They all understand us. It’s amazing. I think this is just 1 of the reasons we connect to our 4 legged family memebers. We’re lucky.


LOREN December 12, 2011 at 5:34 pm

Yes, our dogs understand our words we use with them. I feel it is also in the manner in which we deliver these words that illicit their responses. When we talk to our dogs in a friendly delivery, we usually receive a friendly response. If you talk mean to them, you get the idea…..we treat our animals like we do our human menbers of our family. I would not have it any other way….


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