Spaying and Neutering, Let’s Get With The Program!

by admin on May 16, 2012

 Well, I’m a huge dog advocate and I’m getting on my little soap box here to tell you my points of view. Yours might be different, but since this is my blog, I get to tell you how I feel. I strongly believe that if you are a professional breeder or you breed as a hobby you’re in a different category. But you still owe it to your clients to inform them on the importance of spaying and neutering their dogs. No doubt about how I feel regarding this subject. Educating the masses on this subject is important to me.  Our dog and cat population is over run with dogs at shelters due to owners that just don’t spay or neuter their dogs.  Come on here. Join me in educating folks who just don’t get how important this is.

Ask your vet when you bring in your dog, puppy, or rescue, when the best time to spay or neuter your dog. It’s usually around 6 months when you have a pup. Helping to eliminate unwanted pregnancies is uber important. Not every shelter has the proper information when you get your dog from them.  They are over worked and dealing with hundreds of dogs each day and new ones coming in.  Yes I’m standing on my soap box here.  You should try to get all the information possible from the shelter. That includes all the vaccines done and their complete medical history, so you can give the proper information to your vet.

Spaying and Neutering your dogs is easy. The recovery is about 2 days. Guess what? Early spaying eliminates the chances of your dog getting mammary cancer. You want to get your dog spayed before her 1st cycle. I already mentioned this. Spaying before the 1st heat will also reduce ovarian cancer. Early spaying is important and as a dog owner and a lover of dogs, it’s the only way to go. If you have a young male dog that’s aggressive, you might want to neuter earlier. Ask your vet this question.

I hear lots of myths out there in the world of dogs. What to know what they are? I have to move my soap box over. I almost fell off!

1.  Spaying or Neutering  your dogs will NOT make them fat or lazy.

2. It’s not true that castration makes a dogs sexually frustrated or emotionally unstable.  NOPE this is a myth.

3.  Guess what? It’s not true that spaying or neutering your dogs stops him from reaching their emotional maturity.

4.  This is a good one. It’s just not true to let you female dog go in to heat to have her 1st litter to ensure her good health. That’s a myth.

“Neutering may improve a dog’s behavior-depending on the specific canine-and it’s especially helpful for those with aggression or other behavioral problems. Neutering dogs may display and solicit less aggression toward other dogs and are less confrontational less likely to mount other dogs or people, less likely to urine-mark in the house, less inclined to roam or run away, less likely to bite and unable to get testicular cancer. Neutering also may decrease the risk of prostate disease”. Kristina Grish.

Are you with me on this? I hope so.

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