Solving the 7 Dog Debacles Before They Occur

by admin on March 13, 2013

I am a dog lover.   Owning my company, Chasin Pets, has allowed me to hear from owners regarding a few issues ,that they never expected to face when getting a dog or owning a dog. So I decided to share with you what I found while, noodling around finding interesting topics to write about.

I pulled a survey done by that asked the dog owners: “What’s the worst thing about owning a dog”.  They received over 3000 responses to these 7 issues.  These 7 questions can set your expectation, when your dog comes home or what to expect even if you already have a dog, in order for you to solve the 7 Dog Debacles before they become real issues.  Are you ready?

1. Boarding or Finding a Sitter: I own a doggy daycare/boarding/dog walking company and I am amazed that people wait until the last-minute to find a good place to board their dogs when they go away.  I get panic calls at the time. Waiting until the last-minute will only stress you out. Finding a good facility to board your dog is not only important for the safety of your dog, but important for your peace of mind. This is only a problem if you don’t do you homework in advance.  There are lots of places that board or have dog walkers, as we do, that ease the stress. However, waiting until the last-minute might not get you a space in a kennel or boarding facility.  Do your homework well in advance.  Even if you’re not planning a trip, business or otherwise, check them all out in advance.  Visit them and go through their process.  If you like what you see, put them on your list for the future.  Go through their meet and greet and have a doggy overnight experience. You’re not going to know if this is a good match for you until you see what you get.  Also, finding good a pet sitter to stay at your home takes time. On a personal note, I have never found that asking a teenager to watch a dog has been the best solution. I always tell potential clients to go with a professional company. Teenagers and even your friends have lives. My only focus is taking care of your dog while you’re away.

2. Pet Hair: There are several hypoallergenic breeds out there that shed less if you’re concerned about allergies. I work with several dogs that shed and I’m covered from head to top with dog hair.  If you’re worried about dog hair, I suggest you research dogs that shed less.  All dogs shed, however dogs like Poodles, Portuguese Water Dogs or just examples of dogs that work well if you have allergies or if you don’t want to look like me at the end of a day; covered in dog hair.  Note to self, hypoallergenic dogs and low-shedding dogs are not the same. So check out what breed you like carefully, if this is an issue for you.

3. Potty Mistakes: It happens. If you dog is not already housebroken, you’ll need to attend to this right away. Creating is a great start to potty training.  This training gives you and your dog a regiment to follow for potty training. Timing is everything and repetition on potty training is crucial.  Always reward positive actions. Dogs make mistakes for a number of reasons, but once you find out their rhythm, you can nip this in the bud. This is a solvable problem when you stay on top of it.

4. Cost of Medical Care: If this is a concern for you, as money matter do matter, start by looking in to putting money aside to save for your needs special needs, or buying pet insurance. Either of these 2 options will save you in the long run.  Dogs need medical attention: shots, check ups, etc. If you’re on a budget, save little by little, so you’re not taken by surprise when an issue arises. You can read my blog on Pet Insurance for more detail and costs.

5: Barking or Whinning: This is definitely more of a problem if you live in an apartment or condo as opposed to a house. Noise is noise.. Dogs are territorial and they’re going to bark. A knock at your door, friends coming through your home, they’re going to bark.  It’s what they do.  Commands that stop barking is what you want to accomplish. You can teach them yourself or hire a trainer to assist you. I’ve had dogs here that will bark at the TV, especially when they see another dog or hear a dog barking. Some dogs bark due to separation anxiety or aggression.  Find out what triggers your dog to bark.  If those triggers can’t be eased by you, call your vet, or hire a good dog trainer to help out. Eventually, you will learn what your dog’s bark means; food, walk, anxiety, etc. Find the solution and the problem can fixed.  Even medication can ease the stress of a barking dog.  This is when you really get to know your vet and are able to come up with healthy options for your dog.

6. Aggression: This is a difficult topic to wrap your head around, since the issue vary.  The best way to handle this is by getting a good dog trainer or behaviorist to modify your dog’s behavior. This is the most difficult issue to resolve. Call in the professional right away to get a plan in place and training regiment started. Most vets will tell you that a dogs behavior is both nurture and nature.  Pit Bulls, for example have had a bad wrap. We all know this. However, I have seen some very gentle pits. If properly trained by a loving trainer or gentle soul from the get go a potential problem can be solved.  Chaining or harsh punishment are never going to be a solution to changing aggressive behavior. This only adds more drama, to that behavior you’re trying to change.

7. Pet Ordors: This is a category I hear about a lot. “Dog Smell” is tough on the nose, especially if you have a sensitive smeller. Some owners like the scent of their dogs, others get used to the smell and forget that family members don’t. All dogs have a scent. But when you dog has a strong aroma, it’s time to think about a good solution.  I love the smell of my dogs and running a daycare can be challenging on this note. But good solutions are out there.  Here’s some good ones that we use here: (1). We schedule baths with groomers on a weekly or monthly basis, or you can do this yourselves. (2) There are plenty of wonderful and healthy sprays out there to use on your dog, ask your groomer or vet for the best sprays for your dogs skin. (3) If you dog has folds, you need to gently clean them with a warm cloth. (4) For those potty smells, we use a gentle cleanser that most vets, groomers and holistic dog stores have. It works well for us here. (5) As with any order, the key is to remove it quickly with a spray, or safe cleanser.  I always stay on top of pet odors. I have a sensitive smeller and I’m an odor police here.

Solving the 7 Dog Debacles Before They Occur is going to make you world so pleasant.  I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

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