Owning A Dog is a Privledge not a Right

by admin on June 21, 2011

I know, I know what you must be thinking. I love my dogs and I’m a good owner. Me too. Just so we can move on here, if, you read my blogs, changes are this topic does not affect you.  But, I bet you’ve come across many folks, that it does affect.  So maybe, just maybe, we can help educate folks and pass along some good help.

I had a random conversation with a friend of mine in the grooming business and  a vet I know, about owning a dog.  Additionally, I had a sad story that was brought to my attention, which I will get to later in my follow up blog. So, you gotta stay tuned.

We all agreed, that owning a dog is a privilege, it’s not a right.

Owning and caring for dog takes time, love and money.  This blog doesn’t pertain to our friends that have gone through devastating and expensive losses.  That is not the direction I’m going in.  I’m focusing on the privilege vs the right.

I want to hear from you. Do you think it’s a privilege or a right to own a dog?

I’ve got to give you the 411 on some interesting facts, so we can continue my question. I really want to hear your views on this topic.

Here’s a couple interesting factoids that I dug up in doing my research for this blog:

1. I’ve chosen to have all 3 of my dogs covered with pet insurance. I have 1 senior and 2 kids.  The cost annually for me is $1440.00. Ouch, but peace of mind in everything for me.  This might not be your cup of tea and that’s OK too.

2.1 in 3 dogs will have at least 1 unexpected injury or incident where they need a vets attention or maybe a specialist. This cost can range for the hundreds of dollars to thousands. Just the facts my friends.

3. Now that you’ve been to your vets office, you might have noticed that those visits are getting to cost more. More vet fees are increasing, some by 10%, some a little more, depending upon where you live and where you go. For me, taking all 3 of the Musketeers in for an office visit and shots averages out to $225.00 t0 $250.00 a visit and you know we are at the vets more than 1 time per year.

3. Yikes to this one! 3rd party claims against a dog or dog owner is rising every year, kaching!!

4. Let’s add in our food, supplements, flea medication for 3, collars, leashes, tags, brushes, etc., for me, since I always run a dog biz is about $1030.00 annually + or – a few $100.00 monthly for me.

5. Grooming for my 3 is $2160.00 annually: average $60.00 per dog per month. Fainting now! But honesty is the best policy and I wanted you to have a look at what the dough that I spend.

I’m not gonna tell you that you have to do all the things I do. I just opened my Kimono so you can see what I do. No shame in the game. But owning a dog is a privilege. I can still eat and have a roof over my head and still focus on maintaining a good and healthy environment for the 3 I adore.

Just so ya’ know, I spend approximately $536.00 per month for 3 dogs give or take a $100.00 + or -.

I can make the sacrifice to acknowledge the privilege. Whether you pay more or less is not the most important lesson for us here my friends. Owning a dog takes, your time, your love, your need to take care of yourself first and money. This is just this bloggers point of view.

Hugs and Licks!  I hope you found this blog interesting. Zip me your comments and hit the “Like” button on your way out.

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