OH Happy Happy Pre Holiday Greetings!!

by admin on November 9, 2011


OHHHHHHHHHHHH, sorry to “unbedazzel” you with my magic wand.  This blog post has ZILTCH, to do with the holidays.  You should know me by now! Is “unbedazzel”, even a word?  Today, it is.  WHAT? YUP!  I wanted to jot down some of my pet peeves so to speak.  I do write a dog blog, wink-wink.

This blog post has everything to do with ETIQUETTE! Oh, yes, sister,  ETIQUETTE.

I need to take you by the paw and  tell you  a quick story. This blog is about folks we meet daily.

We bump into people every moment we’re awake; From the guy we see when we buy a lotto ticket or coffee, our kid’s teacher, the doggy daycare provider, our nurse, our mechanic and maybe our neighbors. We all become interwoven, at some point in time.

Hold on Sally, I gotta story for you.

About a week ago, a client called my company in a calm panic.  You can feel the “calm panic” over the phone.  The “calm panic” conversation is rarely positive. It goes like this:  “I was worried about Gonzo, he was perfect before going to YOUR daycare.  Now, Gonzo isn’t feeling that great.”  You try to extract more information. Defending yourself, makes you feel kind of guilty, to the “Calm Panic” people.  The “Calm Panic” people, never call you back to give you an update on Gonzo.  Gonzo is all good now, but you’re still twisting in the wind.

The “Calm Panic” people are out to dinner and having drinks.  You’re popping Advil and pacing the floor.  “Hey, thank you, Calm Panic Couple, for not calling me back, so I can get a good nights sleep.”

Here is the point of the story.  The rules are simple.  They are rules for your lifestyle.  Some of you will get it, others won’t. Those that don’t get it… are the, “Calm Panic People”.

Here are my simple life rules:

1. Don’t be that finger-pointing “Calm Panic” person or couple.  It doesn’t suit you.  Be brave, call people back after you unload a bomb on them.

2. Two important words that carry weight: PLEASE and THANK YOU.  These 2 words, mean so much for all of us who work with the public.  So Simple, So Powerful.

3. Ask permission and understand when folks can’t accommodate your exact request.

4. Listen carefully, kindness opens doors.  If you’re kind and listen, most likely, you might get what you want.

5.  Please  be understanding.  All of us want to help you.  We really do. My aunt used to tell me that, “You get more with sugar than vinegar.”

I think that’s enough wisdom for now.

Thank You for reading this blog.  Please sign up for a subscription, just click on my picture. I would be grateful for your feedback and yes, your support. I’m on facebook too:  Alanna Chasin or Alanna aka The Dog Buddha.

Hugs and Licks!

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Bill Long November 9, 2011 at 7:55 pm

It could be a holiday blog. After all,you were left hanging like some Christmas ornament.


admin November 9, 2011 at 8:27 pm

OMG Bill, I actually thought about having this as a Holiday-ish type blog….but I just felt the pulled by manners when I started this blog out. You are always the best as a supporter and your humor is WONDERFUL. And for that, Mr. Bill (and Tank), I say Thank You to you both with much love!


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