My Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips For Your Dog

by admin on September 25, 2012


I love the spookiest time of the year, but I also want to keep my pets safe during this time.  I did a bit of digging around to help us all have a great Halloween.  Here are my top 10 tips for pet safety.  Treat or Treat!

1.  No tricks or treats:  Keep your bowl of candy out of reach from your dog. Chocolate in all forms, dark or baking chocolates are extremely dangerous for your dog.  Many candies in your bowl might contain artificial sweeteners, like xylitol which are toxic.  If you dog gets in to these treats call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435. Pick up all wrappers on the ground. Those shiny wrappers, if swallowed can cause choking and intestinal blockage.

2.  Keep your pet away from carved pumpkins with candles.  They can knock them over and get burned. Also  eating your pumpkin can cause stomach upsets.  Cats can also run the risk of getting their tails burned by the flames.

3.  Don’t Walk Your Dog After Dark:  Halloween is a time where there’s loads of activity outside.  Your dog may become overwhelmed at all the energy in your neighborhood.  Walk your dog before it gets dark.

4.  At my company, Chasin Pets, we keep all dogs inside and safe. We keep all our dogs away from any doors leading to the outside.  We don’t want them zipping outside.  Halloween can be a very stressful time for your dog. Doorbells ringing, people knocking on your doors, kids and parents talking loudly. All these are stressors for your dog.  I would recommend keeping your dog or cat in your bedroom to be extra safe.  This will ease their stress when strangers come to your door and them escaping.

5.  Please have the proper ID tags on your dogs and cats.  If for any reason they do get out, having the proper tags on your pet will make them easier to find.  This is a good time to have your dog or cat microchip, so they can be returned to you.

6.  Make sure all wires, chords and decorations are kept out of reach from your pet.  If they chew them they can get cuts, burns or even choke. And this could be life threatening for them.

7.  I hear you’re dressing your dog up for Halloween.  Make sure their costumes are not too tight or gets too hot for them.  Also, make sure your pet likes being in a costume. If they don’t, dressing them up, this can cause them stress.  Most pets like to go “A LA Natural”.  If they can’t see what’s going around them due to their costume, they can become agitated.  Even the nicest pet can act out by barking or snapping when they feel out of control. Don’t leave their costume on while you’re out.  They can start to chew on them and causing intestinal obstruction.

8.  Keep your pets inside.  Experts warn that keeping your black cats inside is safe at this time.  Many folks are superstitious or play horrible pranks on black cats.  According to the Humane Society black cats are “targets” during Halloween.  They Humane Society sites several statics that black are killed during this time.

9.  Watch out for artificial spider web decorations.  Many pets including birds can get caught in these decorations.  Many pets can ingest this decoration which may cause intestinal blockage.

1o.  Beware of the mischievous humans.  Some steal animals, like the black cats for ritual purposes, see #8. Safeguard your pets from stealers. While you should never let your pet roam, you should be extra careful during Halloween.

Be safe, have fun during Halloween and check out more of my blog articles at  Follow me on facebook: Alanna Chasin aka The Dog Buddha and sign up for my blog.  It’s easy, just find my picture and follow the prompts.

If you have more safety tip, write me a comment. Until next time.  Hugs and Licks.




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Deborah Streater September 25, 2012 at 4:03 pm

GREAT tips!! Had to share with our customers!! =)


admin September 25, 2012 at 9:01 pm

Hi Deborah: That’s terrific to hear. Glad you found this topic helpful. There were more safety tips to remember, but I felt these were my top 10 picks for a safe Halloween. I hope you follow me on facebook too! I look forward to seeing you here again. Cheers!


T.K. Coleman September 25, 2012 at 9:22 pm

Great post, Alanna. Thanks for making my Halloween less scary :)


admin September 26, 2012 at 12:51 pm

Sending you a “Boo”, T.K. Coleman. Thank you for the read! Your Little Rainey will not be answering the door, she will be watching scary movies in her room.


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