My Dog Is Nervous – What You Can Do

by admin on November 13, 2012

 I decided to write this blog post after working with several dogs new dogs during this past month.  I noticed some very interesting things about nervous dogs at Chasin Pets.

I came up with some interesting observations about nervous dogs and some signs that you might not have noticed.

Dogs that are only with their owners, and never get the chance to socialize with other dogs seem to be nervous nellies.  Here are some of the signs your dog is anxious.

1. Anxious dogs shiver, drool, howl, pace, bark a lot, dig, won’t eat, vomit.

2. They can even start destroying thing in your house.

Anxiety comes on for a for variety of reasons.  Some of those issues are unknowns.  Anxiety can come on at any age.  Thunderstorms can cause anxiety even just the sound of rain. So the jury is out on why dogs become anxious.

Many folks use medications provided by their vets to calm their dogs down and reduce stress and aggressive behavior. Other folks have tried vests to calm down their dogs.  I have used those vests here, and they haven’t worked for me.  When I’ve told owners that their dogs are extremely nervous at daycare, they are shocked. They always tell me, that their dogs are great with other dogs on walks and people. That’s probably true. However, if you dog doesn’t get socialized in a pack, they can become nervous.  This is separation anxiety.

Folks that read my blog  are major dog lovers.  We adore our kids beyond all else.  Here’s some helpful hints to desensitize them and get them feeling comfortable without you, while you’re at work or traveling.

1.  Find the best doggie daycare or dog boarding place for you.  For me, I like a smaller venue, where you dogs can be watched and their activities are planned out.  Walks, feeding times, nap times.  Bigger doggy daycare for dogs that are nervous rarely work.  Those dogs just sit in a corner.

2. The more you dog is with other dogs without you being there, the better they become acclimated to making better decisions.   Who to play with, who not to play with.  They have the chance to form a group of dogs they like to be around.

3.  If you’re always their number 1, which is good, but you never allow them time without you, they never learn how to do what’s natural for them.

4.  If you find that daycare that fits your needs, don’t leave them off with your anxiety.  You should be as calm as a cucumber.  Your dog can feel that you’re uncomfortable and they will act according to your emotions.

5.  Say your goodbyes in the car.  Let the experts, like me, handle taking your dog from you. Your energy goes right to your dog.

6  Personally, I’m not an advocate of parks.  They’re dirty, owners pay little attention to their own dogs.  And you dog can get mixed up in a fight.  There are way too many dogs off leash at parks and way too many owners that are not paying attention to the action taking place, until something happens.

Do yourself a favor and help desensitize your dogs.

Hope this helps.  Follow me on facebook:  Alanna aka the Dog Buddha.  Sign up for my blog, it’s easy. Find my photo and follow the prompts.

Until next time.  Hugs and Licks!


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Carrie @Tempo Life Coaching November 13, 2012 at 5:39 am

My dog also yawns when he gets nervous! Another great tip is to have a friend who also has a dog, take you nervous dog to his/her house for a doggie play date. This way, the nervous dog is away from owner and only with 1 other dog. This allows them to get used to being away from mommy/daddy without being in a large doggie environment.


admin November 13, 2012 at 2:38 pm

Carrie, that’s another great option too, to ease the stress of your dog. Play time with dogs you know. A great daycare is good too. The more you pal gets used to being gone and has an activity (play dates, doggie daycare, etc.) the better life will be for him/her. Love you comment, always.


jackie vehlewald January 6, 2013 at 6:59 pm

i have a year old english mastiff. We live in the country and she doesnt get out much. i tried taking her to some of my kids football and baseball games t get her out of he house and she was very scaird. her tail between her leg shaking really bad and she had alittle poop come out.what can i do? please help!!!!!


admin January 8, 2013 at 1:03 am

Hi Jackie:
It depends on how old your Mastiff is. It seems like you have a lot of land, since you live in the country. Why not try short walks together. She might not like all the acitivity and action of your son’s footballs games and got too ansious. Hence the stool issue. I would just enjoy your time with your Mastiff together and leave the football games for family outtings.
Hope this helps. Thank you for your comment.


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