My 5 Puppy Tips For Keeping Your Puppy Happy

by admin on October 8, 2012

 Everybody knows, that there’s nothing more innocent and cute then having a puppy around.  Their tails wagging, little barks.  Their world is so new, and it’s a joyful to have them in your home.

We see a lot of puppies come to Chasin Pets.  I began to realized,  that many owners overlook the obvious, in helping to make their puppy’s life a healthy 1.

Puppies need much more attention, both physically and mentally. Trying to combine, their needs with your needs can be an obvious “miss” for some people.  I see this all the time.  So, I’ve put together 5 easy tips to make your puppy’s mental and physical needs met.

1. Puppies need ample room and lots of time to exercise.  You might think that having them experience outdoor life while you’re gone by tying them to tree is a great idea, but it’s not. This won’t cut the mustard 1 bit.  You dog will suffer from boredom and stress being tied up all day.  Not to mention, starting them off with bad habits of barking, and chewing while you’re away.

2.  Keeping your puppy outside and unsupervised is dangerous.  Sounds obvious.  They’re unprotected for the sun, other dogs that might not be friendly, and predators.  Keeping them cooped up in a crate all day is not a good solution either.  Remember, puppies need room to play. And their tiny bladders cannot hold in their urine, which can cause kidney problems.

3.  Try giving your puppy thinking toys. I always write about toys that are interactive.  There are many safe toys out there to choose from.  Make sure they are the correct size for your puppy and safe.  Your Veterinarian and your pet store can assist you in finding the perfect toys for your pup.  Having interactive toys, help to develop their brains and decreases their boredom. Check out puppy classes that offer agility training and obedience guidelines. Start this process after they have had all their shots and receive the safe report from your vet to be around other dogs and pups.

4.  I’m a big believer in puppy training classes.  Not only are they going to get a bit of training and have fun. Here’s their chance to interact with other puppies and your chance to get involved with their development.

5.  Your puppy needs the proper nutrition to grow and be happy.   Malnourished puppies just don’t have  enough energy to be happy.  Poor nutrition can make them feel  which means that their brains literally does not perceive happiness in the best way.  Who wants an unhappy puppy?  No one.  Did you know that the lack of proper nutrition may cause your puppy to suffer from depression?  Start off by feeding your puppy the highest quality of puppy food.

I have 3 bonus tips for you.

Bonus Tip #1:  Puppies need love.  Sounds obvious. Dogs are very social souls and pack animals my nature.  The fact is, they are not going to be happy, if they’re not part of your family. They  thrive on positive attention.

Bonus Tip #2:  As soon as your vets says they are safe to go outside, start taking your puppy on walks where they can meet people,  and other dogs.  Socializing your puppy at an early age will make all the difference in the world.  Instead of having a shy defensive dog, you’ll have a happy and dog.  Dogs need to be around other dogs and people, plain and simple.

Bonus Tip #3:  Make some “me time” with you and your pup. The bond you create right now, will last a lifetime, making both happy for many years to come.

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Until next time!  Hug and Licks!

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