How to Make Your Dog Happy in 3 Easy Breezy Steps

by admin on September 13, 2012

 Do you know what a bored dog looks like?  They might be pacers, whiners, droolers.  However, more often than not, you’re not going to really know your dog is bored until you leave your home for a while.  That’s when the real tests results come back to you.  You’ve noticed your shoes are chewed, the TV remote has teeth marks in it, toilet paper is left throughout your home.  The stories, I hear go on and on.

Here are the facts.  A bored dog is an unhappy dog.  But more importantly than that, a bored dogs use their energy in  less than desirable ways.  Providing puzzle toys that make your dog think, helps ease that anxiety when left alone.  See my blog post on Back To School Tips


for more ideas on helping out a bored dog or puppy.  When dogs have an opportunity to use their brains and have positive stimulation they’re less likely to chew inappropriately.  Dogs that have tasks that keep them busy are typically more enjoyable to be around, happier and healthier in general.

Here are 3 Easy Breezy Steps to Making your Dog a bit Happier:

1.  Play more!  When your dog gets the proper amount daily exercise, they are going to be tired out and less likely to act out.  Sound easy.  But if your schedule doesn’t allow for a ton of play time, think about scheduling a dog walker to come in and walk your dog.

2.  Find a game or toy your dog loves.  Dogs do have favorites toys.  Not all dogs like the same toys.  Think out of the box and find some safe, and toys that are appropriate for your dog’s age and size.  Dogs will let you know if they like your choice or not.  Look for toys that are non toxic, contains no lead, mercury, latex, Bisphenol A, asbestos, and have good reviews by customer, vets, and groomers. By the way, this list of toxic items goes on.  So check out your toy selections carefully.

3.  Challenge them with a good toy.  I always go back to the puzzle.  Any thinking toy is great, besides balls and bones.  Thinking toys help keep a dogs mind young, keeps them occupied for longer periods of time and they playing with them.  Toys come in loads of varieties.  There are toys, that float, toys that dispense food, toys that move when pushed.  Ask your vet, for more suggestions.  I like my dogs to think while they play.

Stay safe with your dog. Never ever leave your dog alone with a toy where they can chew off parts and swallow them.  Check over the toy after each use. Stay Happy and Stay Healthy!

I hope you enjoyed this blog.  Look in to those thinking toys for your pals and follow me on facebook: Alanna aka The Dog Buddha.  Sign up for my blog, it’s easy.  Find my picture and follow the prompts.

Hugs and Licks until next time!

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Halina September 28, 2012 at 11:54 pm

oh it will be easy to say he aint goingto get antoher toy if he breaks this one but i know how hard that can be for the parent and also with kids they need to visualise this cus they usually can spot empty threats get him two toys put one in view but out of reach and go if he breaks the one u gave him he will NOT be getting the other one u will be returning it to the shop cus his five u could say it has to survive atleast five days b4 he gets the other one >>>if he breaks the first take him with u when u get a refund for the other one>>>>and try it all again a week later tell him to remember his trip back to the shop>>>if he doesnt break it withi 5 days give him the second one and get him to start a collection of playable toys>>>> and do this a few times>>oh best to try with cheap toys like those small cars


Abbie October 1, 2012 at 5:29 am

I tell my 4 year old daughter that if she can’t treat her toys with recpset, that I wouldn’t buy toys for her anymore, and instead I’d buy toys for kids who don’t have any toys at the local shelter. She learned to be gentle with them real quickly! But, we do (after birthdays and Christmas) weed out the old toys she doesn’t use anymore and take them to the Salvation Army. She loves the fact that other less-fourtunate kids can use her old toys. It’s just the new ones she doesn’t like sharing!!!


admin October 13, 2012 at 1:25 pm

Abbie, it sounds like you have it all under control and you’re really on top of toys and safety. Thank you for the comment and the read.


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