How To Become A Better Dog Owner

by admin on July 9, 2013


meWe all love our dogs.  They’re apart of our family.  They’re our  best friends, companions, road partners and walking buddies.  So I decided to do some researchon how I could become a better dog owner.  I knew I could improve my relationship with my dogs.  So, I asked my friends, my vets.  I went to all my research books, my blogging partners to find out how their ideas on how we all could become better dog owners.  Here are the ideas that I found that were valuable for me and possibly for you .  By the way, these all sounds so easy.  But it takes a commitment from you to do these tips.  Let’s see how many of these ideas you have in place.  I know I needed to improve my owner’s skills.

My job at Chasin Pets is to become involved with every aspect a dogs needs while their in my care.  That’s always been my mission statement and my personal passion.

I see  many dogs during a day, a week, a month.  I know their personalities right down to how they want to be fed, talked to, and disciplined.  I want all my dogs to be happier and healthier and benefit from these tips. And, I wanted their owners to get on the train with me.  Thank you to the for these great tips.

1.  Spend More time with your dog—Just spending some quiet time before work, after work, or midday, will make a big difference.  Dogs love to be talked to and made to feel important.

2.  Groom—Most dogs like to be groomed or bushed.  This also stimulates the skin and gets rid of dead hair.  Regular grooming will also help keep your house cleaner from less shedding hair.

3.  Play—Play is good for both  you and your dog.

4.  Understand your dog–Know his or her favorite type of play and their favorite time of day to play versus rest.

5.  Feed a consistent diet—Use a high quality food with AAFCO approved formulated for your dog’s life state.  Supplement with healthy treats only in moderation.

6.  Supply Plenty of fresh water at all times.  Clean the water bowl once daily and make sure it’s always full to the top.

7.  Provide a comfortable place to sleep.  Whether inside or out, your dog should have a comfortable place to sleep.

8.  Carefully choose toys for safety—Not just any toy will do.  You really need to consider safety issues when choosing toys for you dog.  For example, are there any parts that can be torn off and swallowed?  Is it something he or she might “eat” thus causing a possible intestinal foreign body that could require surgery?  Will it please your dog? Choose toys that cannot be chewed or swallowed.  If you aren’t sure how your dog will interact with a toy, observe him.  For dogs, the Kong is a great choice.

9.  Supervise—Always keep a watchful eye on your dog for dangerous or destructive behaviors.

10.  Exercise–Daily exercise will keep your dog fit.  Additional exercise can help with some behavior problems as well.

11.  Don’t let your dog get fat!  Adjust food intake for body type, provide healthy treats, and exercise regularly to avoid extra weight gain.

12.  Be Observant—Monitor absolutely everything your dog does.  For example, did he eat all his food today?  Has he been drinking water?  Was his urine and bowel movement normal?  Is his activity level the same?  How does he look?  Is his hair coat okay?  If you massage him, do you feel any lumps?  Have you seen any coughing or vomiting?  Early recognition of symptoms can save your dog’s life.

13.  Visit your veterinarian regularly.  Be sure to maintain an appropriate schedule of wellness and recheck appointments.   Your dog’s needs may continue to change depending on their life stage or health conditions.

Legal Disclaimer

If your pet is showing any signs of distress or you suspect your pet is seriously ILL, CONTACT YOUR VETERINARIAN immediately.

Thank you to the for providing these great ideas. Watch your dog, carefully, he or she depends on you.

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Until next time.  Hugs and Licks.





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Loren Blumberg July 9, 2013 at 2:13 pm

Very intuitive and insightful comments in your Blog today. Great photo of you as well!


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