Dogs who have Bad Breath

by admin on January 8, 2013

No one loves the smell of bad dog breath.  There are several causes  for doggy bad breath; some of which can be normal or  breed specific whiles other bad breath issues are abnormal.  Bad breath can be attributed to tooth decay, dental needs, like teeth cleaning even some food products, or kidney issues and more.

Here are just a few tips that can help you navigate bad doggy breath.

1. Check your dog’s gums for inflammation and redness.  This could mean there is a tooth abscess, oral ulcers, bone or hair caught in the mouth, tumors in the mouth.  These all cause bad breath.

2. Kidney failure and lung tumors can also alter breath odor.  Call your vet and make an appointment for an examination for your dog.  Your vet is the first line of defense always.  They’re the experts that can determine any underlying problems.

3.  Depending on the issue, the answer could be as simple as brushing your dog’s teeth, providing them with healthy dog chews that are size appropriate for their breed.

4. Ask you vet about schedule routine dental cleaning. You get your teeth professional cleaned, so should they.

Bad breath or halitosis is unpleasant.  See your veterinarian for the most up to date answers.

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