Dog Myths! Fact or Maybe Fiction

by admin on May 17, 2011

Hi there guys and dolls! I’m going to assume, that since you read my blog you own a dog or have owned a dog in the past.  I just dropped it down, did you pick it up? Dog Myths. Are some just myths, or magic or fact? I liked this topic, since it hits close to home for me.

I own my own dog business, so I have plenty of experience here and I’m a dog owner too. There have been times, when I have to do a double take at a client’s question about dog myths or facts. And another times, I embraced their questions, as know it to be a dog fact.

So, are you ready to rock and roll with me? Fabulous, let’s get this party started:

My Dog Always Lets Me Know When He Is Sick.

Myth: I would be a gabillionaire if every dog could communicate that effectively to let their owners know they’re not feeling 100%. The key word here is always. Yup we all have a “gut feel” when our dog is not feeling well.  But in all honesty, dogs rarely let you know they are sick. It’s a survival mechanism going back in time for them. To appear sick would allow them to be vulnerable and thought of as “prey”.

Every Dog I’ve Met Loves To Be Petted On Their Heads.You Can Tell If A Dog is Sick if Their Noses are Warm.

Myth: No, really NO here. Bottom line on this one is, some dogs like this and some don’t.

Only Male Dogs Hump and Lift Their Leg to Pee.

Myth: I can tell you this hands down here. I own a female, who lifts her leg to pee and on occassion has humped another dog. So male dogs don’t get all the glory for these 2 acts.

Dogs that live mostly indoors are less likely to get Heartworm and therefore do not need Heartworm Prevention.

Myth: Yup, this is a myth. Heartworm is spread my mosquitoes.  And all of us have seen mosquitoes come inside our homes. So indoor pets are at risk here too. Your vet can perform a simple blood test and prescribe heartworm treatment, given monthly to your pet.

I have to say that this last Myth or Fact is a household favorite here: Dogs don’t need to be Housebroken, since they innately know where to go.

Myth: Oh Please! Every trainer, groomer,Veterinarian, Vet Tech, Dog Biz, Breeder, and I could go on…must be scratching their heads on this one. Oh Yeah, we get this one a lot. OK, NO, just NO is the correct answer here folks. You do need to train your dog or pup as soon as possible about where to do their business, which is not in your home or bed. Encourage positive behavior and this statement will always be a myth for the masses.

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Mikel August 9, 2011 at 6:59 am

This site is like a calssroom, except I don’t hate it. lol


Bill Long October 27, 2011 at 4:01 pm

While I won’t recommend this for other people there are a couple of things that work well for me when meeting a new dog. 1) Go to his level.Yup,squat down so you’re at their level and let them sniff your hand (and clothing) they’re curious. 2) I’ve yet to meet a dog that doesn’t like to have their neck and chest scratched. Plus they can see your hands so they don’t feel threatened. Usually on the first meeting the dog is as nervous,(and excited) as the person.


admin October 30, 2011 at 4:20 am

Bill, you are spot on!!! You’re the best for reading and contributing your comments. There could be a job here for you! Our 4 legged pals here send you many Hugs and Licks for being on point. You care and its always shows and you know your stuff.


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