Cold Weather Tips for our 4 Legged Family Members

by admin on January 14, 2014

BRRRR It's Cold Outside

BRRRR It’s Cold Outside

Learn how to protect your 4 legged kids by following  these tips when the temperature takes a dip.

  • Keep your kitties indoors! Outside, cats freeze and can become lost, stolen, or injured.
  • Which way do I go?! Never let your dog run around off his leash on snow or ice—especially during a snowstorm. Dogs might lose their scent in snow and ice and become lost.
  • Wipe off your dog’s paws, legs, and stomach when he comes in from the snow or ice. Salt or other chemicals might make your dog sick if he swallows them while licking his paws. What’s more, his paw pads are sensitive and might bleed if snow or ice covers them.
  • Brrrrr! If your pooch has very short hair, think about getting him a warm doggie coat or sweater. Make sure he is protected on top and on his belly.
  • Never leave you dog, cat, or any other animal friend alone in a car in very cold weather! A car can act as a refrigerator and your animal could freeze. So, if you take your animal friends on a trip, make sure you and your family take them wherever you go.
  • AHHH – CHOO! Some dogs may be sensitive to the cold because they are sick, old, or simply because of the breed (type of dog) they are. If your dog is sensitive, try not to keep him outside too long.
  • Let’s Play! If your dog spends lots of time outside playing with you, make sure you and your family give him plenty of food and water to keep his fur thick and healthy all through the winter.
  • Snug as a bug! Make sure all of your animal friends have a warm place to sleep that’s off the floor and away from places where cold air might get in. They would be happy and cozy in a doggie or kitty bed or cuddled up on a warm blanket.


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Loren Blumberg January 14, 2014 at 4:31 pm

Great tips for keeping our children warm during the winter…..thanks for sharing!


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