Chasin Pets’ 3 Easy Grooming Tips For Your Dog

by admin on November 20, 2012

Chasin Pets 3 easy grooming  tips for your dog.  These tips aren’t in lieu of  brushing, combing, bathing your dog or  perhaps keeping up with routine professional grooming appointments.  These are additional tips to use on the fly, and can be added to your regular grooming routines.

3 Easy Grooming Tips:

1.  Brush or comb your dog regularly.  This will reduce mats and knots and it will also get your dog or pup used to the feeling of brushing or combing their coats.

2.  Check your dog’s skin every so often to monitor their skin for irritations, redness, or unusual growths.  Call your vet with any questions or concerns if you spot any irregularities.

3.  Check your dog for external parasites likes fleas, ticks, spiders.   Also check for any types of bites you may find.  Call your vet or take your dog in for a visit.

These are  my 3 easy tips you can do in 60 seconds to help your dog in between your formal spa day sessions.

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Until next time.  Let’s keep working together so we can keep our pals healthy.

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