8 Helpful Tips For Finding Fleas Or Lice On Your Cat or Dog

by admin on November 27, 2012

Finding fleas or lice on your cat or dogs, is an awful discovery. Here’s how you can tell of your pal has fleas or lice.

1. Place your cat or dog stand over a white sheet, white paper or even a white counter top. This way you will be able to see the specks.

2. Use a flea comb to brush back the fur so you can see the see their skin clearly

3. You can also use your fingers to push back their hair on their backs to find “dandruff”.

4. Fleas leave flea dirt. That dirt, is really flea feces. These are small dark specks that look like pepper.

5.  If  you add water to the specks,  they will turn a brownish red color on your dog or cat. You’ve now discovered flea feces, which are the digested blood from your dog or cat.

6. Another sign that fleas have visited your pal are red spots on their skin. Look your pal over as these spots can occur anywhere, but they are mostly found closer to warm places on your dog or cat.

7. If you see what looks like “dandruff” but it actually moves on its own, this is lice.

8.  Itching is also a sign of fleas.  Itching alone doesn’t always means your dog or cat has fleas. There are many conditions associated with itching such as allergies.

Call your vet and take your dog or cat in for a check up.  There are plenty of excellent flea, tick and lice prevention products that your vet can prescribe.  I recommend using your vet’s products as opposed to a pet store’s products, as many of the pet stores products have been found to be harmful.

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Hugs and Licks.



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