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Hello Folks!  This blog and the others to follow will be part of a series.

 I cannot tell you the number of emails, text messages and calls Chasin’Pets receives regarding why Peaches is now not eating. A hunger strike.  Let me tell you, I sympathize with all of you. We feel your pain here at Chasin’Pets.  We can see you looking down at your dog’s food bowl, which looks untouched.  We see you begging, pleading even rolling their food into little balls of delicious joy, as you offer it to them.  We can also see you, sitting on the floor, pretending to eat that food…YUM YUM: “Look, if I like it…..YOU SHOULD LIKE IT!”  Please eat some thing PLEASE!  Yeah, we can even see you calling your vet frantically trying to explain the food strike.  Calling your friends, seeing if their dogs might have done the same thing.  Calling Chaisn’Pets in a panic, “What can I do, Peaches is refusing to eat??” You are now losing sleep over this.  You are convinced, Peaches will starve.  You’ve done everything right. Right?  Changed her food every week, bought fabulous treats, cooked meals….You stopped going to work trying to fix this problem.

We not only get questions like this, a lot, but we have also experienced them too with our own pets.  So let’s tackle first things first, shall we?  Let’s go back to basics:
1. Always call your vet and calmly explain the change in eating habits.  Your vet should be your first line of defense. Explain any unusual situations (vomiting, loose stools, etc., oh yeah, we just had a baby and moved and my husband got transferred),
2. OK folks be honest with your vet.  Do you feed Peaches table scraps?  You and I both know this is a no no.  Dogs tummies can be sensitive or even get bloated.  Just because you love Au Gratin potatoes, does not mean you should slip a taste to Peaches. When you slip a few snacks under the table you are not doing yourself any favors, except making Peaches a little more chubby.
3. Be on top of your exams. Ask your vet to checks for and eliminate any parasites that might like your dog.  Parasites are treatable when diagnosed and treated by a professional. Have your pets checked for Heartworm disease.  This issue is creeping in to the Los Angeles area.  An ounce of prevention, goes a long way here. It just takes a simple blood test, given by your vet. Heartworm preventatives are safe for your pet.  Put that on your “to do” list.
4. Check your dog’s teeth regularly.  Yup, you can do this.  If your dog has pungent breathe..look at their teeth to see tarter build up.  Poor dental hygiene can lead to expensive procedures down the road.  Remember the saying for us”An Apple A Day…..”
5. Keep your dogs on a regular feeding schedule for their main meals.  Treats are great. Look for healthy treats at a reputable dog store or your vet’s office. Everything in moderation with treats.  Treats do not equal love.  They are yummy and special.  After walks, good behavior.  You get the picture.
Chasin’Pets is not heavy handed with treats.  We have been called fat camp for dogs.  I kinda like that actually. Our goal at Chasin’Pets is to maintain a healthy, active routine. We always keep each individuals needs met, from pugs, cockers to poodles and beyond and please just know that if your breed was not mentioned YOU know that does not mean they are not in our hearts and minds as this blog is written.
6. Senior dogs should be on a different diet than younger dogs. You get that one! Consult that vet of yours for the best options.
7. Don’t have a vet….we will help you out and happily give you choices that best fit your needs.
In the blogs to follow, we are going to address what is toxic in your kitchen to garden.  Stuff you might not have even thought about!  And the great ongoing debate regarding the raw diet vs kibble, so stay tuned. Much more to come. 

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Jarek November 4, 2010 at 3:19 pm

Lot's of great information! Definitely will pass along to fellow dog owners.


Jalia August 9, 2011 at 5:09 am

Yup, that’ll do it. You have my appercaiiton.


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