12 Holiday Safety Tips For Your Dog

by admin on December 19, 2012

Holidays, are here.  Shopping, dinner parties, office parties, work.  You name it, holidays makes the simplest tasks feel daunting.  Guess what, your dog can feel the same way.

Oh La La, all those great guests with good intention.  Well meaning guests can make big mistakes by feeding your dog things that might and can upset their stomachs. Our guests our the worst offenders of feeding scrapes to our dogs. Be sure to tell them importance of not giving them any thing from the list below. Remember an ounce of prevention, can stop you from incurring a huge vet bill during this holiday time or any time. It’s important to keep your pet on their regular diet and discourage guests from giving them treats from the table.


1. Holiday foods can be harmful to your pet.  Don’t feel guilty and give in to feeding your dog turkey skin, ham fat, or the Christmas goose.   These foods can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and even lead to pancreatitis.

2.  Don’t leave temptation of foods, desserts, spices on your tables or countertops unsupervised.   Keep you garbage can lid locked down.  If there is a will there will be a way.  Most dogs will take any opportunity to get in to the garbage if they can, finding the bones, candy, trash that will have you rushing to your vet.  Lock the lid. Don’t let you dog be a snatcher.

3.  Bones:  I have never been a fan of bones.  It’s personal.  Bones can splinter and puncture the stomach or intestines.  Poultry bones in particular, can become brittle when cooked.  Stick to your dog’s healthy treats that don’t pose problems.

4. Alcohol: Never give you dog alcoholic beverages.  Even small amounts of alcohol, beer, wine, could cause respiratory and cardiac distress.

5,  Chocolates: Keep them far away from your dog. Don’t leave candy or chocolates under your tree or on tables, or any place where it’s easy for your dog to get to it.  Dark chocolate is especially harmful.  Chocolate toxicity can occur with 24 hours and can be very serious. Almonds, moldy walnuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts can cause an upset stomach or an obstruction of your dog’s throat.

6.  Water in a Christmas Tree stand can have harmful preservatives, pine needles and bacteria.  Don’t let Fido drink water out of the Christmas Tree stand.

7.  Keep holiday candles out of a tails reach from your dog.  Please use a screen around your fireplace too, particularly if your dog has free run of your home unsupervised.

8.  Bread Dough:  Yeast dough expands, causing gas in the digestive system, pain and possibly a rupture of the stomach and the intestines.

9.  Holiday Plants: Poinsettias, holly, mistletoe, hibiscus, Christmas cactus out of reach. These lovely plants can be toxic to pets.

10.  Electrical Cords:  Hide them well.  Pets like to chew on electrical chords and could suffer major burns to their mouth, body, paws, leading to infection. If you have a feeling your dog has chewed on an electrical chord, call your vet or 24 hour vet emergency clinic right away.

11.  Onions, grapes and raisins:  Don’t let you dog lick your plates clean, especially, if you used this items.  Onions damage red blood cells and can cause anemia in dogs.  Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure.

12.  Wraping paper, ornaments, tinsel, lights, garland:  Just know that some dogs or puppies will eat anything.   These items are bright and shiny and can hold a special interest for our dogs.  These items can cause choking, intestinal obstruction. your dog.

Take preventative measure to protect your pet during this holiday.

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Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday.  Hugs and Licks, until next time.

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